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Packaging Details OPP bag and Carton or customized
Port shanghai or others
Lead Time 5-7days
Melamine Foam has a comprehensive performance such as excellent acoustic properties, flame resistance, heat insulation, damp heat stability, health security and good processing etc. These characteristics make the product widely used in building industry, industry, vehicle manufacturing, plant construction, thermal engineering, installlation, air-conditioning systerms, aerospace navigation area, electric products, biological pollution control and other field.
Items Unit Symbol Value
Apparent density kg/m3   8+/-1
Tensile strength kpa >= 120
Breaking elongation rate % >= 6
Compression set % <= 10
Resilience % >= 65
Tear Strength N/m >= 40
Indentation Hardness N >= 400

Sealing, thermal insulation, heat resistance, fire prevention,shockproof, waterproof, sound insulation,buffering

● Widely used in Architectural acoustics,Industrial noise reduction,industrial heat insulation,automotive,rail transit,metro,aerospace&navigation,equipment and air conditioning system.

● OPP bag and Carton or customized

● Free sample ● We can cooperate and give you the competitive price to help you developing your market ● Delivery time: 5-7 days ● High quality,precise product technology with excellent serviceSupply Ability: 30000 Cubic Centimeter/Cubic Centimeters per Week Melamine Foam BASF Foam Basotect Foam Sheet● Sound Absorption.The structure of three dimensional mesh with hole completely opened(the hole rate is above 97% with a Foam density of 7kg/m3,can make the sound wave easy go into deep foam efficiently and transfer into mesh vibration which can be consumed and absorbed.Three demensional mesh structure of high hole rate can eliminate reflected wave efficiently. ● Heat Insulation.The structure of three dimesional mesh can block air convection of heat efficiently.Just because of its special heat stability,it becomes as soft heat insulation material which has no substitute.Its heat conductive coefficient is 0.036 ● Flame Resistance.It can reach to the grade of GB/T8624-2006 B,DIN510S4,B56853 and UL94 V-0 without adding any flame-retardant media.When it meets fire,it can be decomposed and carbonized but not dropping.Its smoke density is less than 15.It is recommended as No.1 flame-retardant material in the republic places on the book of <<Fire Safety and Flame Resistant Technology in the public places>>which is mainly edited by China Public Secturity Department. ● Heat Stability.The Greencos Foam is belonged to thermal setting plastic with a high grade of three dimensional mesh interconnected structure.It has a high heat stability and anti-aging.The Greencos Foam plastic can work at -180~250 in a long time. ● Health and Safety. Green,Non-Toxic and Odorless,No Fibrosis. ● Antifungal performance. The foam can be processed wasily into piece material and different shape through mechnical way,and it also can be processed into the tapered shape and wedge shape on order to meet the sound absorption requirement.  The piece material can be compressed by heating into ceiling and roll material with relief decroative pattern which can absorb sound.At the same time,the surface strength is improved.It is easily dyed and can be manufactured into colorful hanging material for sound absorption. ● Light. 8KG/M3,the lightest foam in the word.

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